Man Reads Body of Satirical Article after Smirking at Title

Peter C Christie
2 min readAug 17, 2016

A SERIES of candid phone interviews reveal the puzzling decision a Subiaco man took in late June when he elected to read the body of a satirical article that appeared in his Twitter feed despite the fact that the title and accompanying thumbnail conveyed the lion’s share of the humour that the article had to offer.

The man, who asked not to be named, said that he felt the wafer thin premise of the joke may in fact have more to it when he clicked.

“Whilst I instantly understood the humorous irony embedded in the notion that a police officer would disobey the law, I thought there may be more to the idea and was interested to see where the writers took the joke,” the gentleman said after we approached him in search of a response to rumours that have grown through the suburb since the incident occurred.

The humour the 30 year old was looking for, however, was nowhere to be found. “I was disappointed to find that whilst the title of the article gave me a solid smirk, the rest of the article failed to reach the same dizzying highs and at best I gave one internal commendation to a funny line — the inner voice in my head acknowledged it with a ‘that’s funny.’”

Satirical articles are an age-old writing form however in the age of the internet their writers have struggled to maintain readership numbers. Last year, world leader in satirical articles The Onion topped 9 million Twitter followers, a figure which eclipses their all-time cumulative “article clicks” total of 3. The Subiaco man has vowed to find the other 2 people and share his story. Peter C Christie

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